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Noodle me.

First the basics

* What name do you use?
Melissa. Or Mel if you really feel lazy.
* How old are you supposed to act?
Fourteen. Except I'm really eight. >_>
* Where can we stalk you?
Good ol' Milwaukee, Wisconsin! [cue crickets chirrping]
* What is so interesting about you?
Nothing. That is the true truth. The only thing that is intersting about me is...I got nothing.
* What did you eat for breakfast? (or the first thing you ate)
Trix. I even give some to the rabbits.
* Religion?
I'm supposed to be a Lutheran, but no...
* Pets?
A dog. And a guinea pig. I can't decide if I should change his name after four years of having him as a pet though...
* Anything else we need to know?
I really, really hate it when people blast rap at stop lights with their base turned up. So if you can possibly rig HTML to do warned...

Likes and Dislikes

* Music :
Radiohead, The Chieftains (and all other Celtic music), Coldplay... those good bands.
I really dislike Hilary Duff. And 50 Cent. ...And most rap. >_>
* Songs :
"Run", Snow Patrol; "Idioteque", Radiohead; "Moonlight Sonata", Beethoven (yes, I enjoy classical music)
I severely dislike Hilary Duff songs; "Just a Lil' But", 50 Cent; "Screaming Infidelities", Dashboard Confessional (I really love Dashboard Confessional, but hate this song); and that "I've Got the Power" crap that is put on everything from Bruce Almighty to Pull-Up commercials.
* Food :
Ramen noodles. Preferably the chicken flavor. And pizza.
I've never really liked cucumbers. That's about it. I love all my veggies and liver and onions. o_O
* Color :
Grey. (As boring as this application).
Yellow is the worst color. EVER. (...once again: o_O)
* Country :
Australia, of course, is my favorite country.
The US is kind of getting tiresome, with their whole big police-the-world routine. And I wish we followed the metric system.
* Drink :
Mmmm. Drinks! I really like that Coke with Lime stuff, even though they butchered an old song up like a lot of commercials do.
I've never got into the whole "OMFG lyke letz go 2 Starbuckz!!1" and the coffee routine. I like some stuff from Starbucks, but coffee. Nah.
* Ice Cream :
I like vanilla. How boring am I? And it's kind of weird because I really don't hate any ice cream flavors.
* Things appearing on tv :
My favorite show is Battlestar Galactica and Lost. Those two shows are the ultimate along with CSI (but not Miami...the main Grissom-guy is just plain odd) and Avatar: The Last AIrbender.
I cannot stand That's So Raven, or The Fairly Odd Parents. I think it's the animation.

Opinion Time

* What do you really think about Noodles?
It looks like a nice community with Feng Shui and a nice lil' group of members.
* What's your opinion on opitions?
Opinions cause war and war causes dead people and I see dead people.
* Labels, stereotypes, and things like that :
A way of organization. Either you buy into it or you think it's what the insecure people do.
* Abortion :
Your choice. Mr. Prez is a man, and I will state that fact.
* Rubber Duckies :
True love, only in a rubbery form.
* smoking, drinking, drugs :
Smoking is like a slow suicide; drinking is good in moderation; drugs break up the families. And we must think of the children.
* Downloading music :
Sure. The music industry, though "losing millions", still has thriving performers. Why is that?
* exploiting bandnames :
I probably do this. (Yes, I have no idea what this even is). o_O
* Teddy Bears :
Like the rubber ducky, it is love, only in a fabric-y, stuffed form.

Are you worthy?

* How pathetic are you really?
Very. Reread application if you doubt this statement.
* Make us laugh! (or cry) :
Step one: Go to Google and type in the search box "miserable failiure".
Step two: Click on the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.
* Show us your worst pic!

...and the worst part is that the Icee isn't mine because I'm too poor to buy one.
* Say something lame:
"We belong together." - Mirah Carey

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