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Noodle Me

First the basics

What name do you use? Eli (ee-li, not el-ee)

How old are you supposed to act? At least 16

Where can we stalk you? Well... in Gaston, Oregon - or at my LiveJournal... organicchemical, whichever floats your boat.

What is so interesting about you? Okay, I'm not going to lie - I can't think of anything interesting about me. Well, at least not that anyone would find particularly mind-blowing. Most people say that I am "just nice" and then they say "well, sometimes." But - that's not interesting. No, no, no. I can be a huge bitch, I secretly love Enrique Iglesias, but I suppose it's not a huge secret because I have him on my binder... >_>
I love chocolate, more than life itself. I eat frosting by the spoonfull. Fall Out Boy and their fans make me want to die. I am SO SICK AND TIRED of hearing about My Chemical Romance. I supopse what makes me the most interesting is how I can rant on and on about people, things, places, and situations that I hate. I think that's why my friends stick around, to hear Eli rant.

What did you eat for breakfast? (or the first thing you ate) Half of a donut, it was gross... ugh.

Religion? I believe in the Christian God, but I have many of my own views, from a lot of religions. I don't like to set myself into any sterotype, especially with religion. I call myself more spiritual than religious.

Pets? I have two twin Maine Coons, almost a year old - named Zero and Shadow, and a German Shepard pup named Hans.

Anything else we need to know? Despite popular belief, I have never eaten a baby. I'm totally serious, if you ever hear that, don't believe it.

Likes and Dislikes

Music : Thursday has been my favorite band since 7th grade... they are my absolute favorite. Other than that, I love The Faint, At The Drive-In, Bright Eyes, Cursive, John Vanderslice, Pavement, Copeland... etc.

Songs : Paris In Flames by Thursday, Ebroglio by At The Drive-In, Faggot by MSI, Erection by the Faint, May Flowers by Cursive, Transport is Arranged by Pavement

Food : Mmmm... god I love food... chicken curry with rice, caesar salad, any noodles, spaghetti, alfredo, mmm... OH! and CHOCOLATE FROSTING!!!

Color : this one, kinda aquamarinish, yes?

Country : England!

Drink : Jones DAVE (green tea), Water, chocolate milk, Dr. Pepper

Ice Cream : Chocolate Peanut Butter

Things appearing on tv : America's Next Top Model, Futurama, The Simpsons, oh oh and Sex and the City... I don't watch much tv.

Opinion Time

What do you really think about Noodles? Seriously, I love noodles so much. Oh man, starches of all kind are amazing, but noodles are just simply heaven.

What's your opinion on opitions?
(what is that word?)

Labels, stereotypes, and things like that : I can't say I don't do it, and neither can you. I don't think theres anything wrong with it, it's just like a first impression. Although, if you are saying that you don't like someone because of that and you don't know them, it might be considered rude... although I can't say I've never done that either. I won't lie... hah.

Abortion : I think in some circumstances it is acceptable, but I will never respect anyone who uses it as a form of birth control.

Rubber Duckies : They're pretty rad. *squeak*

smoking, drinking, drugs : I used to smoke, sometimes I still do - I don't drink much, never have, I've done some pot in my day... gotten pretty close to being addicted. But hey, in moderation whatever... it's your body, and if I don't like it - I can leave.

Downloading music : I don't think it really hurts anyones sales all that much, people that really love the music, will buy the cd, and it's a good way to get your music out.

exploiting bandnames : I don't exactly know what you mean...

Teddy Bears : I LOVE TEDDY BEARS! THEY'RE SOOO COZY! I especially love my teddy moose!

Are you worthy?

How pathetic are you really? Pretty damn pathetic... you see, I wish this was me...
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Make us laugh! (or cry) :
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Carpe Assum - Seize the Ass.

Show us your worst pic!
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Say something lame: I LOVE BUFFALOS!
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More pics?

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