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n0odle me...

First the basics

What name do you use? Ashley
How old are you supposed to act? 16, but I act 12

Where can we stalk you? Hollywood, Florida!
What is so interesting about you? My enormous ass... my body is so small... its kinda scary... [im 4'11''] OR! My singing abilities and my ADHD OUTBURSTS....
What did you eat for breakfast? (or the first thing you ate) UM..... 5? =D'
Religion? Christian/ seven day adventist
Pets? 7 cats...
Anything else we need to know? I love you!♥

Likes and Dislikes

Music : Indie/core/screamo/emo/reggaeton
Songs : All of 'Bullet for my valentine' songs... [brit band]. "Girls" - Prodigy; "Girl" - Beck; All of 'Fall out boy' 's songs... CHRISTMAS SONGS!
Food : Anythin exotic.. like cuban bread, jamaican patty, shrimp [any type], mash potatoes n gravy... mmmm!!!! RAWR!!!
Color : Red, black, Hot pink, silver, white, green, blue and watermelon ^.^
Country : uh... I like city better....
Drink : No alcohol... im an edger... but I Do love Gloria jeans' coffee shoppee ... COOKIES N' CREAM MILKSHAKE BLISS!!! OH! AND HEALTH FOOD FRUIT BLENDS OMFG YES!!!
Ice Cream : Cookies N' cream.
Things appearing on tv : TRUE LIFE:_______________ I'm Jealous

Opinion Time

What do you really think about Noodles?: Ramen shrimp or chicken noodles are teh sex.
What's your opinion on opitions?: I'm sorry? o.O

Labels, stereotypes, and things like that : You mean like soup or noodle can labels right? lol.

Abortion : Unless you were raped and became pregnant, I'm opposed to it.
Rubber Duckies : LMFAO! Isnt there like rubber duckie vibrators now!!!?? AWESOME.
smoking, drinking, drugs : UGH! I'm straight edge. So. No.
Downloading music : Is wrong__________BUT! ____________ I cant stop!
exploiting bandnames : So not cool.

Teddy Bears : Aw.. I seriously have my same little teddy bear since i was 5.. missing eyes and everything.=]

Are you worthy?

How pathetic are you really?: Tell me something... how pathetic are WE REALLY? GAWSH...

Make us laugh! (or cry) :
Show us your worst pic! : Everyone says I look pregnant in this picture...

Better pics?:

Say something lame: I'
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