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Noodle Me!

Ahaaa. So I did this last night when I couldn’t sleep. And I looked at it this morning, and I was like, hey, why not? :P

First the basicas

What name do you use? ew. ): erinbutitsew.

How old are you supposed to act? apparently, older than five!

Where can we stalk you? I WOULD PREFER YOU WOULDN'T, PLZTHX.

What is so interesting about you? nothing really! isn't that sort of the point of this community? >D:

What did you eat for breakfast? (or the first thing you ate) i had a cookie! and it was stale. and that caused
me to be sad for a little while. But it was still good, nonetheless!

Religion? No thanks!

Pets? my pit bull (razor) and my kitty (walrus).

Anything else we need to know? i dunno! i’m not sure if this is a trick question.
i think i’m just gonna move on to the next one, k.

Likes and Dislikes


Likes: bright eyes, the faint, the white stripes, cursive, queen, jeff buckley, lauryn hill, the fugees, the birthday massacre, mc hammer, the beatles, the advantage, the dresden dolls, a perfect circle, slipknot, nightwish, delerium, sonata artica, cyndi lauper, spoon, the unicorns, feist, dashboard confessional;-;, avril lavigne ):, green day, good charlotte(shh), the beach boys, ah! too many to name. i like a lot of artists. even some rap. (omg the horror.)

Dislikes: uhhhhh. hawthorne heights, usher, hilary duff, fall out boy, that guy who sings the song with that video (call on me!!1) & a few others. and I really don’t like blink 182. annoying voices. ohoh. and the band with the guy with the EXTREMELY nasal voice. ): ew.

Songs :

Likes: umum. too many to name a lot. but these days i am really enjoying Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. :DDD

Dislikes: gosh. too many songs irritate me. but I really hatehate call on me & the beat of my heart – hilary duff, oh! & dance, dance by fall out boy (and it’s always in my head, omg. somebody save me).

Food :

Likes: ketchup!, poutine, noodles (of like any kind), kraft dinner, french fries, umum, fruit, vegetables, rice, crackers, free food, pie, stuff already cooked.

Dislikes: hot dogs, steak, beef – actually just red meat in general, umum, any condiment other than ketchup, most chips, kiwis, marshmallows (why is it spelled with an a!? that’s silly), candies(they get stuck in my teeth and that’s frustrating]:). and seafood is gross.

Food :

Likes: any shade of purpleeee & gray & black(lolz). andand. orange. And lime green. ):

Dislikes: dunno! umum. I guess like that really awful shade of pink kinda makes me nauseous! andand really OMGBRIGHT yellow hurts my eyes. a lot. and especially when people mix brightbright colors together and it flashes like AHHH >D:, then it’s scurry, and i sincerely hope no elderly folks or kids with epilepsy come across that!

Country :

Likes: Canada :], England, & Germany.

Dislikes: :o France.

Drinks :

Likes: diet coke (sorry?!), and sloche, and hot chocolate, and tea, and iced tea, and herbal tea, & i actually like quite a bit of drinks!

Dislikes: um. milk, coke, coffee(unless it’s mixed with hot chocolate), prune/tomato/vegetable juice.

Ice Cream :

Likes: vanilla. ): and only soft. not the clumpy stuff - that’s not good.

Dislikes: chocolate. the end.

Things appearing on tv :

Likes: i seriously think i’m the only one in the woooorld who watches teevee sometimes. ): btvs, six feet under, sex and the city, alias, and for awhile i was a victim of MTV, but then MTV CANADA was signed to punch much. and they changed it. and i was very upset. and i actually called my teevee thinger, and i might've gotten a little bit excited, and they hung up on me. several times. (and there’s another show, but im afraid of being verbally/virtually beaten up!!1!3 but im pretty sure jen knows i watch it. k)

Dislikes: umum. everything else?

Opinion Time

• What do you really think about Noodles? they are my sunshine.

• What's your opinion on opitions? dunno! ):

• Labels, stereotypes, and things like that : heyhey. really, there’s no big deal. stereotypes are a part of being human! it’s unavoidable! and then when everyone started the whooole.. “labels are for soup canss!” era, it was kinda funny to make fun of them. ): but now it’s pretty boring. but still, good times?!

• Abortion : pro-choice right herr. i think that if “it” hasn’t entered the world – you can’t consider it a human. too many children have screwed up lives and they have to deal with who knows what – a crack whore mother who didn’t have enough money to support them, babies having babies, whatever. if you’re not ready to have a baby, it shouldn’t be forced on you, you should have the choice.

• Rubber Duckies : rubber duckie – you’re the one. You make my bath time – so much fun! aha. (: i was a big fan of sesame street growing up! .. so maybe not! But still. i like the song that one guy sang. ): k?

• smoking, drinking, drugs : literally everyone in my household smokes. and for as long as i live I wont smoke. it’s disgusting. However, i am accustomed to people smoking around me, so i don’t mind if my friends do, just not with me. drinking – hey. guilty party? ): just don’t become an alcoholic. Drugs – a couple of my family members and friends really screwed up their lives with drugs. and I think they are the epitome of evil. enough said.

• Downloading music : it’s come to the point where artists even encourage it.

• exploiting bandnames : yeah, um, i have no comment on this one! and its not because i don’t know what it is. ):

• Teddy Bears : … are the new pink.

Are you worthy?

• How pathetic are you really? ): i dunno. pathetic enough to be too lazy to use capitals in this application! and pathetic enough to have used the word application because i just had the urge to say it, ever since i started this thing. and i’ve already been accepted and changed my eljay account and i figured and i had to do this again. and its really late and i’m really tired. but i really cant blame this on being tired, because im always tired, it’s been suggested that i have permanent mono. andand, dunno. but i really am tired and i think when i look at this tomorrow ill be omg, AHHH >D: and wow, i’ve talked a lot. but don’t mind me, when i get tired i ramble, and when i start talking, lord help me, i just can’t shut up! ):

• Make us laugh! (or cry) :
kay. So there was this grasshopper. and he walks into a bar. and the bartender says,
Hey, We’ve got a drink named after you!” and the grasshopper says,

or just click here and look at google’s failure list.

or you can type whatever you want into the uncylopedia!

all of which you’ve probably already seen, but hey. I’ve got nothing. ):

• Show us your worst pic! ): no. my roots are coming out in?! just let your imaginations run wild!

• Say something lame: i dunno! pretty much everything i say is lame. ):

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