Alice Lisle (alicelisle) wrote in the_noodles,
Alice Lisle

First the basics

* What name do you use? Alice (:
* How old are you supposed to act? 16.
* Where can we stalk you? anywhere and everywhere. xD
* What is so interesting about you? my favorite letter is j, but it has to be lower case.
* What did you eat for breakfast? (or the first thing you ate) dinosaur shaped doughnut.
* Religion? Catholic who only goes to church at school.
* Pets? a dog called dougal, a cat called pierre and a dog called Sebastion.
* Anything else we need to know? i am pretty lame && i love it.

Likes and Dislikes

* Music : i'm not going to say i like allllll music, but i can definately appreciate all music. favorites include The New Radicals, Iggy Pop & Jack's Mannequin.
* Songs : You only get what you give - The New radicals.
* Food : favorite: ramen. dislike: oysters.
* Color : favorite: pink.
* Drink : coke de cola.
* Ice Cream : strawberry.
* Things appearing on tv : um um dont' really watch tv.

Opinion Time

* What do you really think about Noodles? They're great
* What's your opinion on opitions? hmm, sorry, what?
* Labels, stereotypes, and things like that : half the time people who say they don't want to be labelled are labelling themselves. I dunno. Whatever floats your boat, i guess.
* Abortion : Nah Nah it's bad.
* Rubber Duckies : They're like my life in two and a half words.
* smoking, drinking, drugs : whatever floats your boat, just don't force it upon me.
* Downloading music : i do it alllll the time.
* exploiting bandnames : meh smeh.
* Teddy Bears : awww cuddly.

Are you worthy?

* How pathetic are you really? quite pathetic.
* Make us laugh! (or cry) : Once when i was seven i went to a new school and for 3 weeks my now best friend thought my name was Elvis.
* Show us your worst pic!

* Say something lame: hiiiiiiiiiiii.
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