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Noodle me.

First the basics

* What name do you use? Alexa
* How old are you supposed to act? sixteen.
* Where can we stalk you? At my whorespace or .
* What is so interesting about you? I'm not really human, I have my own gravitational pull, and half of my family is in the Russian Mafia.
* What did you eat for breakfast? (or the first thing you ate) Ice cream sandwich.
* Religion? Agnostic/existentialist/no idea.
* Pets?
* Anything else we need to know? I'm really, really short.

Likes and Dislikes

* Music :
+DnB, techno, metal.
Depeche Mode
The Birthday Massacre
Children of Bodom
Tears for Fears

Siouxsie and the Banshees

<3 synthpop;
Shiny Toy Guns
Daft Punk
Scissor Sisters

I like other stuff like
Imogen Heap/Frou Frou
The Ditty Bops
The Cardigans
Tegan and Sara
Louis XIV

Bands I like that a lot of people love to hate
Dresden Dolls

I really really don't like Hawthorne or Fallout or P! or Linkin Park or hellogoodbye or From First to Last or TBS or whiney whiney melodically mundane sing/whine/sing/scream/interlude/breakdown/whine three minute thirty songs that sound the same.

* Songs :
Video Kid--The Birthday Massacre
Head Over Heels--Tears for Fears
How Soon is Now--The Smiths and the tatu cover
Hold Your Colour--Pendulum
Mask of Sanity--Children of Bodom
Not Tonight--Tegan and Sara

* Food : Orange soda, ice cream sandwiches, Bold&Zesty Chex Mix, wonton soup, shrimp, fattening stuff.
* Color :

* Country : Russia.
* Drink : Orange soda.
* Ice Cream : Ben&Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie.
* Things appearing on tv : The news, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, I like Sandra Oh.

Opinion Time

* What do you really think about Noodles? Well I could make a funny reference to's short regarding yes...I love them very very much.
* What's your opinion on opitions? says "No entry found for opitions." My opinion on typos is that they're amusing. My opinions on opinions are that they are a nice little capability of the human mind that people tend to meld mistakenly with what they consider to be their true consciousness.
* Labels, stereotypes, and things like that : Waaayyyy too absorbed in minimally-conceptualized existance and one of the lowest levels of human consciousness to dwell on. High school. Middle school. Humans made those things up to entertain themselves and keep themselves busy. Social engineering is mental busywork.
* Abortion : Let the women do what they want with their bodies. It's not their fault that they're trapped in them, and if something happens while they're using their bodies for their own benefit, let them be the ones to handle it.
* Rubber Duckies : Cute, fun, yellow, squeaky....let people have them instead of Prozac.
* smoking, drinking, drugs : Manipulation of the human body, if people want to use them, they can, I'm not going to.
* Downloading music : There's another way?
* exploiting bandnames : Huh.
* Teddy Bears : I love them.

Are you worthy?

* How pathetic are you really? Just reading this should show you.
* Make us laugh! (or cry) :

I took a picture of this, it was at the local Walgreens. And those snickers bars cost 30 cents more than the ones at the register. Really.

And a reminder of what's really going on on myspace
* Show us your worst pic!

This is of me and what most would call my boyfriend, Marshal.
* Say something lame: Something lame. I wonder how many people have said that before. And by saying that, if it has already become mundane, has become, in fact, something lame, in a postmodern context.
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