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Hi there, I'm new!1!11

This is your friendly neighbourhood mod who happens to have a new LJ, a lot of time on his hands and a nasty amount of boredom. So I'll just reapply for the hell of it!

First the basics

* What name do you use? Depends on who I'm referring to! But for myself, I usually use j00n.
* How old are you supposed to act? 19. But I'm a rebel and act 9 or 90 instead!
* Where can we stalk you? Anywhere you'd like, besides the bathroom.
* What is so interesting about you? The fact that I have the power to kick you all out of this guild. And the fact that I think you'd care!
* What did you eat for breakfast? (or the first thing you ate) a GIGANTIC mug of strawberry & Black Currant tea. I'd say it counts!
* Religion? Agnostic. Just because I'm too Libra to decide what I believe in.
* Pets? Right now, a cat named Lucretia. She's a tortoiseshell cat and she just turned 1 last month!
* Anything else we need to know? You can stalk any American with google if you know their phone number.

Likes and Dislikes

* Music : I kinda like anmost anything. As far as current obsessions go, I'm digging...
Ataraxia, Frank the Baptist, Nightwish, Sisters of Mercy, Sex Gang Children, Marc Almond, Oingo Boingo, Danielle Dax, the Lemon Kittens, the Rasmus, Aqua, Fields of the Nephilim, Depeche Mode, Sonata Arctica, Wig Wam, Rasputina, Queen Adreena, Malice Mizer, and a lot of stuff I forgot to mention.
Dislikes... Nothing but the obvious My Chemical Romance and James Blunt!
* Songs : Dead Boy's Poem, by Nightwish. Best song ever. 'nough said.
* Food : Apples and tea. I kind of dislike fish.
* Color : Steelblue. And maybe crimson. Green and yellow are just gross.
* Country : Hyrule!
* Drink : I like tea. Green tea, black tea, earl grey tea, any other tea... :) And I hate most sugary drinks. They give me headaches and are too sweet for my poor tastebuds.
* Ice Cream : Rocket Pops! We've got blue ones. :)
* Things appearing on tv : The kind of reality shows everybody seems to hate. A healthy dose of human stupidity is all I need!

Opinion Time

* What do you really think about Noodles? They're quite cool. I made my own noodles once. They ended up being little round pasta things. But I tried!
* What's your opinion on opitions? Love at first sight.
* Labels, stereotypes, and things like that : Labels are fun. Stereotyping is just what I do. I'm prejudiced, but at least I admit it. Besides that, people should just shut up with their soup cans and realise labels are impossible to avoid, unless we all turn into grey blobs. Like that Fairly Odd Parents show.
* Abortion : Go ahead if you want, don't go ahead if you don't want. No big deal. No rules, either. Ever thought about how many poor underage boys would get sued for rape because their girlfriend really wanted that abortion?
* Rubber Duckies : I have one. it's all green from the inside because I never bathe. I swear, something is alive in there.
* smoking, drinking, drugs : Do as you please, just stay out of my way. I'm not too fond of drunk people and how they act. Smoking doesn't bother me at all. Playing around in traffic equals a lot of cigarettes, anyway.
* Downloading music : I do it, you do it, we're all cheap little bastards.
* exploiting bandnames : I'm quite fond of my illegal band shirts! But besides that, sometimes it's getting over the top. Don't they earn enough money already?
* Teddy Bears : Kinda overrated. I prefer other animals.

Are you worthy?

* How pathetic are you really? Pathetic enough to accidentally delete the "make us laugh" question. So here goes:

Q: Why did the child cross the road?

A: An arsonist set his house ablaze, causing his paraplegic family to die a slow painful fiery death. Their death screams consequently drove the child to madness. A truck hit him, showering the pavement with entrails.

* Show us your worst pic! I'm too lazy to find my kiddie pic with my face covered in spaggy sauce and Harry Potter glasses, so this will have to do.

* Say something lame: That's like saying I haven't, already!
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Sims picture.
You know.
+Everything? Except one thing....

-tempting me to give you my phone number just because it's so darn cool! :( :P.
And how can you stalk, anyway? :D. Oh wait, make that two:
-green is pretty :( hehe.
Haha, you go to Google and type in the phone number. It's really creepy, but sort of convenient.
And that Fairly Odd Parents show is awesome.
Oh, and I love the fact that you called it a guild. Har. It says CLUB on da front page!!11!!1
That's just because it's a guildclub! :).
I need mod approval on my app.

Other than that, you get voted Yes for:
Fairly Odd Parents. That won my life :)

of course you're accepted! heh, we're just a bunch of lazy mods. :P

Thank you! :)
lazy sods, right? :) I heart this community
I think you're awesome
+The Sims
+Malice Mizer

and I dunno if I was accepted either. But I wanna revive this community. Muwah.