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Noodle Me!

First the basics

* What name do you use? Eli (e-lee) or my chinese name Jiayin
* How old are you supposed to act? 16
* Where can we stalk you? At the coffeeshop near my place
* What is so interesting about you? I'm weird, I like cats, I dig crocodiles and I'm just different from the usual crowd
* What did you eat for breakfast? Cornflakes with Chocolate Milk
* Religion? Somewhere close to being a Catholic
* Pets? A fish named Mody Dick
* Anything else we need to know? I can outeat most people and still remian as skinny as a stick and I play for a band called The Usquener Glamhoth Project which means The Smelly Orc Project. (The name is in Elven lanuage because my bassist and I <3333 LOTR)

Likes and Dislikes

* Music

Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Led Zeppelin,
Children of Bodom,
Asian Kung-fu Generation,
Racer X,
Iron Maiden,
Smashing Pumpkins,
The Jesus Lizard,
On the Might of Princes,
At the Drive-in,
The Blood Brothers,
The Fall of Troy,
Jimi Hendrix,
Les Claypool,
Goo goo dolls. AHAHA I know I'm random.


Linkin Park.
Simple Plan.
Panic! At the Disco (Nothing musically though, but their songs give me a headache and I don't know why either)
All forms of Techno. Dieeee.

* Songs :


Technical Difficulties - Racer X
Give it Away - RHCP
Made in Moonlight - Houston Calls
Two Minutes to Midnight - Iron Maiden
For Meg - On the Might of Princes
Siren - Asian Kung-fu Generation


The time is now - John Cena. He should just stick to wrestling

* Food

Laksa (You may not know it but it tastes heavenly), Durian 8B, Pizza, Spanich,
Sushi, Sashimi, Lobster, Chili Crab, Curries. I dig Spicy foods well, I actually eat ALL FOODS and I'm willing to even snack on creepy crawlies if cooked well.


Anything with Lemongrass or Corriander.

* Color :

Sky blue and the Greenish blue color of the Ocean

Hot Pink. Neon Green. Unatural colors. They scare me and remind me of city billboards.

* Country : Singapore. Because that's where I hail from and I love life there and I don't dislike any country at all.

* Drink :
Singapore Sling and maybe Ice-cream Sodas are HOT SMEX. I don't fancy weird tasting chinese herbal remedies very much because half the time, the magical ingredient tastes like old socks and mutton.

* Ice Cream :
Rum & Raisin, Mint! I love almost all icecream except for Chocolate, it's too rich.

* Things appearing on tv : CSI series and well, I don't like watching teevee much. But I hate Survivor, the series is getting lamer and lamer.

Opinion Time

* What do you really think about Noodles? I'm Asian so naturally loving Noodles is in my genes and I eat them almost twice in twodays.

* What's your opinion on opitions?
AKSJKASJKASRJS. They look like they can be friends! O RLY? YA RLY? NO WAIII.

* Labels, stereotypes, and things like that : I think there's nothing wrong to them, as long as one doesn't take it seriously. I do label and stereotype people but I get labelled an d styeotyped too. Basically, it's part of human nature to judge and classify people into groups not knowing if they're right at it or wrong.

* Abortion : I think there's nothing wrong with that. No teenage girl wants to be pregnant with a baby in a country that doesn't legalize abortion. It's our bodies anyway, and we should be sane enough to make the right choice between birth and abortion.

* Rubber Duckies : They remind me of elmo and my rubber ducky Steven ontop the toilet bowl.

* smoking, drinking, drugs : Some people just want to die young, die faster, die beautiful. So I have nothing personal against their lifestyle choice.

* Downloading music : Its like sex, everyone will eventually do it. And the thing is you can't stop no matter how hard to try.

* exploiting bandnames :
Well, who cares. It's been done over and over again since the dawn of time and yes, I think I do it too.

* Teddy Bears : I prefer wombat plushies to cuddle at night.

Are you worthy?
That depends on how people find me.

* How pathetic are you really?

I used stand outside the Prime Ministers house when I was a kid and shout HEY LEE KUAN YEW in a desperate bid to see the guards peep out of the bushes. You decide really.

* Make us laugh! (or cry) :
I used to have eyebrows like mountains or go to www.badgerbagerbadger.com

* Show us your worst pic!

I think this is those WTFPOSER@%@#AHAHAHA WHAT WAS I THINKING pics.

* Say something lame: FOSHO MY NIGGER.
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